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Eva was born in Melbourne, Australia.  Upon finishing school Eva entered the corporate world where for the next 20 years she established a highly successful career in the high pressure world of Information Technology, managing multi-million dollar accounts with some of Australia’s largest companies, while at the same time raising two young girls as a single mother.

During this time, Eva also had many health challenges, which she believes were due, in part, to the demands and stresses of being a single mother, while at the same time maintaining her highly successful corporate career.  When she was about 30 years of age, she healed one of her pressing health challenges through the use of natural and alternative health methods.  This led to an ongoing interest in alternative health and personal and spiritual development.  The more Eva learnt, the more her thirst and passion for knowledge in this area drove her to continue learning about complementary health and the ways in which the mind and emotions contribute to our health.

About ten years ago, Eva ended up becoming very burnt out leading to further major health challenges, especially with regard to her hormonal balance, which was beginning to have a major impact on the quality of her life and which is the subject of this book.

As conventional medicine wasn’t able to help her, she again followed the same path she took previously and dedicated herself even further to her journey of research and healing.  

After leaving the corporate world, she set up her own business in the health and wellbeing area, where she has been able to pursue her passion of educating people on ways that complementary health can help them improve their health and their lives.  In this way, she has helped many hundreds of people with her health and wellbeing business over the years.

She is passionate about sharing her research and knowledge enabling other women to heal themselves of their hormonal imbalance symptoms and her book From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven is one way in which she is able to achieve this.

Eva is currently pursuing her passion in the health and wellbeing area, along with her personal and spiritual development education, in areas such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) along with several other healing modalities.

Eva is a certified Master NLP Results Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, Performance Consultant and Master Hypnosis, along with her Reiki and Pranic Healing qualifications.

Eva is an entrepreneur, author, coach and speaker specialising in holistic health and wellbeing and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner Leigh.


Well-Being & Success Coach

Master NLP Practitioner
Master Results Coach
Performance Consultant
Master Hypnosis

Author of
from Hormone HELL
to Hormone HEAVEN