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from Hormone HELL to Hormone HEAVEN

From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven is a simple, easy to follow guide using natural and holistic methods to help women balance their hormones.

This book educates women by showing them some simple strategies that will help ease the discomfort and distress experienced from the symptoms related to their hormonal imbalance.

These symptoms include:  PMS, heavy & irregular periods, menstrual cramps, bloating, breast swelling & tenderness, mood swings, depression, acne, fibroids, endometriosis, cravings, weight gain, osteoporosis, fatigue, tiredness, loss of libido, hot flushes and night sweats.

The book provides women with a step-by-step approach to enable them to easily implement the first few simple steps immediately by making some minor lifestyle changes and to then build from there.  It is designed to inform women of the options available to them and empower them to make the best choices for themselves.

It lets women know that there are natural solutions available, apart from the medical recommendations that can be drastic, don’t necessarily work and can even have harmful side effects.

A practical guide for women to restore
health and harmony naturally.

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from Hormone HELL
to Hormone HEAVEN
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From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven adopts a holistic approach and covers all areas, which along with the physical aspects, also involves the emotional, mental and spiritual.  It will help a woman to rediscover her power so that she can control her life rather than having her hormones control it.

It will help women realize that the difficult time they are experiencing may be the biggest gift they have received and can be the start of a journey of rediscovering their true essence.

From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven is written in layman’s terms by someone who has been on this journey to hell and back.

Eva has utilized her resources, knowledge and experience, along with that of practitioners and mentors to help bring this important information to women everywhere.

In summary, From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven is a simple and practical guide written for women by someone who has actually been there and it covers the steps that any woman can take to get herself back in hormonal balance.

Helping you with your own journey towards Hormone Heaven!

Eva Torner is interviewed by Dr Joanna Martin about her new book, From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven

“With my own recent hormone imbalances stemming from a stress-filled life, Eva Torner's book "From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven" caused me to reflect and remember to listen to my body again. I followed the suggestions that I thought were applicable to me, including using the Endau cream. Much to my delight and relief, my hormones have corrected and are now more balanced. Eva's book has also given me the confidence to talk with my pre-teen daughter and mentor her regarding positive hormone health.  Thanks Eva.”

Lu Whistlecroft

Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia