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What others are saying about

from Hormone HELL to Hormone HEAVEN

“This book will be of incredible value to the modern woman as hormonal imbalances are an issue for so many.  Eva offers a holistic approach including physical, mental and emotional methods.  This gives women a real power of choice with easy-to-follow actions.  In a world where so many women go down the medical path, Eva offers a new option by providing this natural self-help way forward.

The book outlines the steps to get your hormones back in balance in an easy-to-understand format and everyday language, yet contains a lot of really important information that any woman suffering from a hormonal imbalance should be aware of.”

Catherine Gouma


“At last!  A book that helps women to get their hormones back in balance in simple to understand language and a format that anyone can follow.”

Dr. Gordon Ku

Medical Practitioner

“THANK YOU so much Eva.

How many people do we know that have dealt with varying degrees of hormonal imbalance...and haven’t known what to do?

They’ve either continued to suffer or taken a path of treatment that may not be truly beneficial for their health.

Your holistic approach to achieving hormonal health gives us all the information we need to make better and wiser choices; from improving diet and food choices, to nutritional support, reducing toxins in our life and even information on sleep and emotions.  Everyone who reads this book can take something away and start working their way FROM HORMONE HELL TO HORMONE HEAVEN.

So congratulations to you on a book that is personal, easy to read and a great tool for all of us who want the best hormonal health.”

Lillian Reekie

Author of Hidden Dangers, The Best Me I Can Be and
The Revolting Child; A Blessing in Disguise

“Hormonal Imbalances are an issue for so many women.  This book has a wealth of vital information, with practical, self-help steps for everyday living to effectively shift your life From Hormone Hell to Hormone Heaven, naturally.  It is truly a must-read for all women.”

Tracey Stranger

Author of How To Overcome Stress Naturally

“Eva’s story is inspiring and really shows that any woman has the power within her to take control of her own health and create the life that she wants.”

Dr Daryl Grant

“Congratulations, Eva!  Your personal story and life lessons that are woven through the pages of this book will inspire readers to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.”

Amber Zenere

Author of RED Armchair Entrepreneurs

Founder, “Real Estate Development Club”; Director, “Archizen Architects”

“This is a book all women should get at maturity.

Living a balanced and healthy life can be a challenge.  Many times our hormones are unbalanced and we don’t realise that this is the cause of many of the health and emotional problems we are facing.  This is a very timely and succinct book for our current stressful lives where hormonal imbalances are an issue for so many.  

Eva offers a holistic approach including physical, mental and emotional methods that will help to balance your life naturally.  This gives women the power to make more informed choices with easy-to-follow actions.

In a world where so many follow the traditional medical methods, Eva offers new options by providing examples of the many natural things that can be done to improve your hormonal health and take back control of your life.

This book provides easy, effective solutions to help us create happier, more harmonious lives and is a book we know all women have definitely been waiting for.”

John and Linda Ballis

Bestselling authors and alternative practitioners

Dip. Clin. Hyp, Dip. Nat., Dip R.M. Dip H.b. Med., Dip. Hom., Dip. Irid.

“Eva Torner is passionate about saving other women from all the unnecessary suffering caused by hormonal issues.  She has written this book so that they will not have to go through the lengthy search that she undertook as she sought solutions to improve her quality of life.

There can be no better testimony for other women than the many positive changes that Eva has enjoyed by applying the valuable information that she discovered.  In her new book, ‘From Hormone Heaven to Hormone Hell’, she has now presented it in a simple and straightforward format making it easy for anyone to follow.

As a personal friend of Eva’s, I highly recommend this book to you and to anyone that you know of who would like to make informed decisions about their own hormonal health.

Good Health to you all.”

Dianne Caldwell